Exxor’s vision is to connect all the world devices into a single DAG based network. EXX is a cryptocurrency for Internet Of Things.

Pre-ICO ends:

十月 26, 2017

Sold: 7,038,650

Available: 2,961,350


33% bonus tokens for PRE-ICO
1 EXX = $0.20 USD


Exxor 是一种加密货币,经精密调整以在物联网行业提供高效的M2M互动。与其使用块链,它使用定向非循环图(DAG),可以实现零收费的微交易,有着高可扩展性和脱机交易。Nexus使用由DAG衍生的技术,其中每个交易形成自己的块链,由两个随机选择的先前交易验证。

Media mentions in the news

Technology for enterprises


The Internet of Things Market size

Millions of IoT Units Installed*
Year AP 欧洲C&E; Latam MEA NA 西欧
2020 10110 843 562 843 7466 8285
2014 3599 227 227 341 3826 3020
AP Breakdown Millions of IoT Units Installed*
Year APeJ 日本 其余的AP
2020 8798 377 935
2014 2894 169 536
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3.7万亿美元 from improved customer experience 3.0万亿美元 from reduced time to market 2.7万亿美元 in supply chain and logistics 2.5万亿美元 in reduced costs 2.5万亿美元 in increased employee productivity



  • 分散式系统,分类帐将分配给网络上的每个实体
  • 一个信任系统,不需要实体在平台上相互认识
  • 由于去除了“中间人”,能够以相当快的速度提供微型交易服务,收集的数据可以解决了给公司
  • 由于网络上存在大量的节点,且工作证明(POW)需要很高的计算资源来让人操作,因此数据被篡改的难度更高。
  • 回溯以前活动的能力,有保证的合法性,从而使得更容易制定智能合同
  • 追踪其成因期的活动和认证,例如整个过程中的供应链,以便任何实体成果都伴随着“数码护照”,证明其真实性和起源(IBM沃森物联网块链)
  • 与监管机构和保险公司,分享不可磨灭的记录
  • 可以缩小规模,使“智能家居物联网生态系统”,设备固件的密码散列存储在块链中,以减少验证时间


Our Advisors

Hard Cap: $23 900 000 USD

Minimum goal: $2 000 000 USD

  • Maximum amount of tokens issued: 10 000 000 EXX
  • EXX token price (equivalent)* : $0,20 USD
  • Start date: 2017/10/12
  • End date: 2017/10/26
  • Maximum amount of tokens issued: 73 000 000 EXX
  • EXX token price (equivalent)* : $0,30 USD
  • Start date: 2017/10/30
  • End date: 2017/12/30
* Exchange rates are calculated at the time of the transaction
83 000 000 EXX (83%)
devoted to public
Total EXX token supply
100,000,000 EXX
17 000 000 EXX (17%)
devoted to the team

Meet Us

13 November 2017
14 November 2017
21-22 November 2017


2016 May Initial Idea was Born July Market Research October 4 Developers joined the team & MVP was built December Testing the network with first machines 2017 January Team expands to 10 people May Further Research on Technology & Search for Partnerships July Extending Technology Scalability Issues September (current state) ICO December Beta release for early users & bug fixes 2018 March Initial Launch

Development roadmap

2017 01 August Feasibility Study with IoT applications and Genesis phase 2o September Encoding of SHA-3 Standard Hashing Algorithms with testing 09 November Encoding of trust systems with minting rules followed by testing 03 December Implementation of difficulty algorithms with their modifying factors and test results 29 December System developer beta released for review and improvements 2018 17 February Archetype of Network applied to an application area and results verified 08 April Complete white box and black box testing of the whole Network system

Exxor Advantages



IBM Watson Block Chain




Verifies two previous transactions with SHA-3 standard hashing algorithm Verifies one previous transaction with SHA-2 standard hashing algorithm Verifies two previous transaction with Kerl (based on Keccak) hashing algorithm
Does not require miners, but provides enough incentive for nodes to encourage transactions through trust keys/ newly minted tokens and other rewards Requires miners to pass transactions Does not require miners but provides little incentive to encourage nodes to issue transactions
Higher security to tackle quantum computer with large hash size (1024 bits) Prone to attacks by quantum computers with small hash (256 bits) High security to tackle quantum computer with enough hash size (384 bits)
Comes with a difficulty algorithm, dependent on approval variables (weight, depth, height etc.) for finding sites Has no difficulty algorithm installed Prepares transfer by generating bundle, finding and signing inputs
Difficulty is modified by a modifying factor so the tampering is made difficult Has no modifying factor Difficulty is modified by modifying factors (minWeightMagnitude, depth)
Provides a trust key to entities which remain an active part of the network to encourage research on to what company’s devices are more trustworthy Comes with no technique to measure trust Comes with a Coordinator running by the Iota Foundation, it's main purpose is to protect the network until it grows strong enough to sustain against a large scale attacks.
The digital clock on the network is synchronized The digital clock is not synchronized but a median time system is implemented Each transaction has a Timestamp after POW
Smaller number of tips on network by providing larger incentive for nodes to issue transactions (trust key, minted tokens) Does not allow conflicting transactions (tips) on the network Larger number of tips due to little incentive for nodes to stay on the network compared to Exxor
Can be used for a variety of different applications in the IoT industry and is very versatile for the future Mainly designed to keep track of supply chains and keep a safe record for contracts Can be used for the same applications as for Exxor in the meantime, but provides little merits to be used as a network for the future


Exxor 核心技术是定向非循环图(DAG)。在物联网,DAG比块链来得更有效。

定向非循环图 vs 块链


Usabilitty 块链 定向非循环图 规模